81% of British web users prefer to visit a .co.uk

Nothing says ‘British’ more than a .uk domain name! The .uk umbrella of domain names includes the direct .uk, .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk and more; and what’s great about all of them is that they instantly highlight a UK website, giving greater value and focus to a UK audience.

81% of UK Internet users would be more likely to choose a .uk website from search results (source: Nominet.co.uk), indicating a greater trust in getting a better experience from a UK business. A .co.uk website will also have good visibility in UK search engine results, so that’s more free traffic to your website.

What .co.uk can say about your business:

  • A UK business or identity
  • Someone local you can trust
  • Prices in £ sterling
  • Acceptable delivery costs
  • Most likely to have UK based support

Author: www.names.co.uk

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