Supercharging your marketing efforts with a descriptive niche domain

With more brands and competitors bidding for the customers attention now more than ever, it’s crucial your ads direct users to an easy to remember location. Would your domain be easily and accurately remembered hours after hearing it?

A domain name that tells you what the business does instantly is a big deal! If your product or service is described instantly you can show visitors you’re claiming your position in the market.

By acquiring a descriptive domain for your niche market you can really give yourself an unfair marketing advantage. When an “exact match” for your niche is used as part of your existing marketing campaigns viewers get instant recognition and the door is slammed in your competitors face to take that domain presence.​

The most common use for exact match keyword domains is to forward directly to an existing website. This is a preferred option as it allows the owner the freedom and possibility to run marketing campaigns, displaying and directing users to their exact match domain name which directly forwards to their existing website. This gives the benefit of the audience seeing the new exact match domain name in the marketing or ads and gain instant recognition and confidence that that company is a good match for their requirements whilst confidently suggesting they are a dominant player in that industry by holding such an exact match domain name.

All domain bundles have been carefully curated based on natural market attraction, traffic potential and instant recognition when used in potential ad campaigns.

Research from Nominet shows that 81% of British web users prefer to visit a website rather than a .com.

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